About me and my "pack"

My name is Sabine Varga, born in 1969, and I live in the quiet county town Mettmann, the gateway to the Neander-Valley ... the archaeological site of the famous Neander-Valley.

"pack" consists my partner Michael (born 1968), my Golden Retriever bitch Sina and my two Shar-Pei Jule and Koshi.

beautiful quote from Heinz Rühmann speaks in one sentence ... my attitude.

"You can live
without a dog, but it's not worth it"

my family is very fond of animals / dogs, I had since I was seven years old the chance to have always a dog at my side.
When I
was adult, it was no doubt that I will have dogs of my own. Thanks to my parents who have taken the job of the dog sitter ever, I could always keep dogs.
had been all kind of breeds - as started with a Dachshund over various Street Dogs to Golden Retrievers ... and then there was a magic moment .....

This wrinkeld face with its already acting arrogant reluctance fascinated me immensely and I started to fall in love with them, so I started to inform me about this fascinating breed.
The more I
learned about them, the more grew in me the desire to want to own such a dog.
This search
brought me to the breeder of my two Shar-Pei,-Anneliese Ehrhardt, Pao-Mei Shar-Pei - and there we chose our first Shar-Pei, our Jule.

in the shortest time a great, friendly relationship with Anneliese build, I could be there at the birth of the puppies, so even with the birth of my Koshi (Jule is Koshis mother) . The desire to breed this wonderful dogs grows in me.

So I was a member of the CER (Club for exotic breeds), an affiliated club of the VDH, and register my own kennel name of Neander Valley's Shar-Pei at the FCI.

My goal
is to breed healthy, agile and family-friendly Shar-Peis.

If you have any questions about the breed you can contact me.

Sabine Varga